Wow... I cant believe the 17th of February was the last time I put out a post on here. Two days after we arrived home from Iceland, my girlfriend Victoria and I moved out of our house and got the keys to our new converted barn. For the last three months we've been completely renovating the building and seemed to have taken on a pretty daunting task, one that has been unbelievably time consuming and exhausting. We are currently living in a double bedroom at the in laws and have managed to amazingly live out of boxes for that time too, however we are gradually getting a lot closer to the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm looking forward to sharing the finished results of our new home right here.

Having been tasked to style this Jacket for Napapijri as part of an "all white" campaign they're running at the moment, I decided to shoot a couple of visuals in our new place. The light throughout this house is too good not to utilise and to tell the truth I thought the "all white" theme fits perfectly with the painting overalls I've been parading around in for the last few weeks. I also thought it would be the perfect way to get back into the swing of posting on the blog again.


All White.

5.01.2017 Margate, UK

Those of you who follow my Instagram would have seen that Victoria and I spent a few days in Iceland at the end of January. Despite the trip being slightly ill timed, we completed on our house and moved two days after we returned, it was one of the most amazing holidays I've been on recently. I've honestly never been anywhere that made me want to pull the car over to take a picture so frequently. 

Whilst out there I set myself a challenge to shoot a video. Creating that sort of content has been something I wanted to get back into for ages now. I used to love shooting short films and it really was one of the main reasons why I first created a space for hosting visuals online. Give it a watch below, hit subscribe and all that corny spiel because my focus for the year is definitely creating better content.

Thanks for reading and watching, James. 

Exploring Iceland.

2.17.2017 Reykjavík, Iceland

Friends are probably my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to menswear and, as shallow as it sounds, I've managed to build friendships on a basis of Fashion. In an attempt to try something new, I want to use the blog to not only document my own style but that of the people around me.

Starting with my good friend Elliot, I decided to shoot a couple of outfits to get a snapshot of his style right now. Having grown up skateboarding with one another, he and I developed a sneaker addiction from a young age that flourished nicely into a clothing one a few years later. Although our styles vary slightly, our core interest in a decent fit and quality goods is something we can both appreciate. He also know's how to find the best deals online and has a pretty fire depop page too. 

Go follow his IG for more outfits and stay tuned for the next test shots feature. James 

Test Shots: Elliot Smith.

2.12.2017 Margate, UK

I’ve wanted to work with my friend Ollie Marshall for ages now. He’s created some solid work in the past and his tendency to use a Hasselblad makes for some great visuals. Seventeen year old me would have loved to get his hands on that camera and I suppose I still maintain a sort of teenage romance with film photography. With that in mind, when I was asked shoot some images in conjunction with Ford, Ollie was the first person I hit up. He and I spent the day in Dungeness shooting and it was one of the most surreal places I’ve ever been. Honestly worth the visit to experience its eerie apocalypse feel and witness the grand design-esq beach houses.


Ford’s press team sent me a series of fairly nonsensical emails, with the intention of promoting their new Ford KA+... A real downgrade from my Scirocco I know… The idea was to create four affordable outfits to feature in a blog post about the car. The amusing part of it all was that the budget for each one was £50. If I'm being completely honest, I don’t think the person who reached out to me had read my previous posts or really understood my style.

Despite that, and faced with the chance of some free mileage and fuel, I decided to seize the opportunity to shoot with Ollie. I personalised the brief a little and utilised the budget for a handful of pieces that I thought reflected the ideology of getting value for money. This is how I discovered that brands like Weekday and Selected Homme are creating some fairly decent menswear, at a really palatable price. Run through the links under my pictures to have a look for yourself.

Photo's captured by Ollie Marshall
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1.22.2017 Dungeness, Romney Marsh TN29, UK

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