Extremely Grown Up

2.18.2015 Birchington-on-Sea, Kent, UK

The last 6 months have been pretty hectic for me... Having purchased, fully renovated and moved into a new house with my lady, things have become extremely "grown up" in my life.
However, growing up does come with it's perks like being able to buy a new sofa. A task that took far more deliberating than both Victoria and I both expected. The decisions were flying around all over the place, whether to settle for "Zinc" or "Flint", "mushroom grey" or "dusty blue"... We scowered the internet for reviews and photos to try and visualise how they would look amongst our house and finally reached a decision. 

Once we clicked the order button on the French Connection "Flint" sofa from DFS and after receiving several text messages informing me of its manufacturing process, our new living room accessory arrived in our home.
Having both become slight Tumblr addicts whilst working on our home, searching daily for inspiration and new ideas, the pair of us have traipsed the web looking through countless interior shots. With that in mind I thought it was only fitting to provide a handful of visuals of our homes latest addition.

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