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I guess the idea of vintage shops is probably one of the most played out things in the last few years, they are plentiful countrywide. However, they still provide a great deal of attraction to people willing to re-home second hand items. The latest addition to the selection "thrift stores" in the local area is Petticoat Lane Emporium in Ramsgate which is actually well worth the visit if you're ever nearby. 

Set in an old warehouse, just of the sea front of Ramsgate this space lends itself to traders selling Art, Antiques, furniture and retro gear. With over 175 stalls that provide an insanely broad amount of product and a cafe, there is an enormous amount to be consumed. Victoria and I are always on the hunt for items from our home wish list and places like this often surprise you with little gems.

Check out their website here for more details on the store and be sure to check it out.

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