Test Shots #1 Ben Pearce

3.26.2015 Ramsgate, Kent, UK

For a long time now I've had this idea in the back of my mind that was inspired by people both online and offline. Creativity is something to be in awe of and with so many creative minds around me I've felt on several occasions their skills and qualities should be shared. Armed with this thought and a camera I wanted to bring things to fruition under the name Test Shots. 

Ben Pearce is not only putting in the hours to learn the art of tailoring at fashion school, he also spends his hours DJing Boss Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady. On a daily basis he dons the full 60's skin head look and with his pretty impressive attention to detail it works incredibly well. Accompanied by his green Lambretta Li150, I thought shooting him with the backdrop of Ramsgate harbour would be the perfect starting point for Test Shots. Catch him putting his vinyl to the test on Saturday the 28th of March at the Black Cat in Margate.

Ben Wears
 1950's Tootal scarf | Vintage Knights of London Mac | Vintage 1960's Mohair Suit by Hector Powe
Timex Watch | Vintage Royal Club Brogues

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