Visiting GB Pizza Co.

4.15.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

Because the weather has decided to perk up and grace the south east with twenty three degree heat, Victoria and I decided to spend the evening admiring the seafront in Margate watching the world from one of our favourite food spots. Having fired up their pizza oven a few years ago, GB Pizza CO has been growing increasingly popular with locals, visitors and reviewers, offering really unique Pizzas. 

Sitting comfortably on the historic sea front of Margate, accompanying the growing number of independent stores and bars that line the town, GB Pizza Co. has a winning ethos and really know how to create some real good food. Focusing on British produce, these guys source all their ingredients from the best local and independent suppliers to go with their completely home-made dough. Alongside the food, the whole interior has championed "rustic charm" and its location on the coastline provides the perfect sunset view in the evening. 

If you're local and haven't visited yet (what have you been doing?) or just hitting the seaside for the day, make sure this place is on the list for a food stop. Head over to GB Pizza Co.'s main website here and stay tuned to their TwitterInstagram or Facebook to get updates and offers. 

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