Lite Weight

4.10.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

Vans have always been a part of my shoe collection since childhood and despite their increase in popularity with intolerable humans in recent years they will always appeal to the skateboarder within me. I consistently have a handful of pairs on rotation for work, purely because they are and will continue to be one of the best “go to” trainers on the market. These new Vans LXVI Authentic Lite’s that Nic over at Skate Pharmacy put aside for me aren't just your everyday Authentic’s and offer something a little different.

The authentic lite offers the exact same silhouette as the original model but has been designed using modern construction technologies to provide a more comfortable fitting product. Aesthetically from the outside, they aren’t pushing any boundaries… they look almost identical to your run of the mill authentic. However, using their action fit technology alongside an ultra-cush sole the trainer is one of the lightest I’ve come across and have got my feet feeling pretty weightless today.

I'm definitely backing the Vans LXVI series and if you haven’t seen what they've been working on it is well worth having a look. Skate Pharmacy have great Vans selection in store and you should be able to get your  hands on them through their on-line store or in the retail space shortly, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers close to the mouse.  

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