An Essential from Baxter of California

5.21.2015 Birchington-on-Sea, Kent, UK

Having had an interest in grooming for years now and living with someone who's job revolves heavily around skincare, our bathroom is forever full of interesting new things. I was first introduced to Baxter of California, when my cousins and their partners blessed me with a box of goods from Mr. Porter (those white boxes are always a nice sight) for Christmas a couple of years ago. Since then, this body wash has been a regular purchase a long with a selection of Aesop essentials

Created in the sixties by Baxter Finley with one single item in mind, the brand today has a moved leaps and bounds with a whole host of mens grooming products in its line up. Claiming to be "old school in concept but high-tech in practice", Baxters well designed a packaging and practical products are available in some of the best retailers across the world.
Head over to check out their full range of products here and get your wallet out to get hold of some new bathroom goods from Baxter on Mr. Porter here

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