I've been MIA for some time now... sorry about that. I could make several excuses for it, like the copious amount of family Birthdays that fall at this time of year for Victoria and I, but one of the main factors is that I've been out enjoying my new VW Scirocco that I picked up a few weeks ago. I've been wanting a new car for sometime now, after getting a little bored of the Mini, so I settled on a Scirocco and I couldn't be happier. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me post a couple of pictures of it up over the last couple of weeks.

Hand in Hand with driving, comes music... accompanying me on my short journey to work and weekend outings I've been devising playlists on my newly acquired spotify Premium account. After such good feedback from the one I put together last month, I've compiled another handful of tracks for you to enjoy below.

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