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6.24.2015 Broadstairs, Kent, UK

Since my last outfit post, I haven't had the chance to get out and shoot any "looks". However, last week I was lucky enough, thanks to Blacks and Mathew Pike from Buckets & Spades, to get the opportunity to choose up to £200 worth of stuff from the blacks website.

You can't say that I've been a regular shopper at Blacks, the last time I spent money there was about four years ago when I picked up a North Face barrel bag for Travelling round Europe, but I was never fully aware of the brands they carried until now. Obviously The North Face was a given, but seeing the likes of PatagoniaPeter Storm and Fjallraven on their roster was a pleasant surprise.

With the British Summer upon us, festival season in full swing, Glastonbury starting on the 24th and plenty of advice on festival attire in amongst the internet, I thought it would be the ideal time to bring my offering to the table. 

Practicality is an on going trend with items I buy, obviously accompanied by style, brands like Patagonia and The North Face never fail to create something that not only looks good but is primarily constructed to serve a purpose. Theres something about that concept that I love and I feel the "outdoorsy" aesthetic that these brands maintain has become more prominent in menswear in recent years. Who doesn't like getting outside and exploring? 

Side note: with that in mind, if you haven't already seen it, check out pro-surfer Foster Huntington's project "The Cinder Cone" here

My main focus, an item I think is ideal for British summertime and festival season, is light weight water-proof outerwear. This is where The North face will never let you down... Reliable, hard wearing, comfortable, timeless and pretty stylish... I picked this Quest HyVent Jacket in red to save me from the rain, hopefully being a helpful companion when I eventually get back out on my single speed road bike. For now it ticks all the boxes as far as practicality goes, maybe a little unshapely with the fit, but pretty comfortable none-the-less and for £80 you can't go wrong.

However if you're looking for something that won't break the bank or your heart when you loose it in the middle of a field somewhere, look no further than this Peter Storm Packable Cagoule. Peter Storm, known for its popularity with football hooligans and acid house fans of days past, creates some really good looking water-proof outerwear and is more common now-a-days with street wear aficionados. For protection from the summer time showers you can get hold of these half-zip overhead cagoules for just £15 from Blacks online at the moment and being packable makes it a no brainer for a weekend spent living out of a tent.

Along with these two jackets, that I've really taken a liking too, Blacks sent me this North Face Jester bag and a really niceZt shirt accompanied by a couple of handy items. Head over to the Blacks website here, they've actually got some really decent camping stuff on sale right now so if you've still not got your festival bits take a good look, and also be sure to check out the guys that made it possible Buckets & Spades here.

What outerwear would you choose to tackle the British summer this year? 

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