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6.15.2015 Canterbury, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Like a lot of guys, I used to think that Lush was the shop that pumped out soap smells into the high street and solely sold bath bombs that you'd buy your mum for Christmas... When Victoria took me with her to pick up some shampoo a couple of years ago, my opinion was completely transformed and now I'm forever looking to their mens collection for new products. This weekend I stopped by their Canterbury store to pick up some essential items that are forever on rotation in our house.
You can't knock the quality of the products that Lush put out, you just need to look at their website to notice all the reviewers are singing their praises. Behind their extremely well designed and some what witty packaging, lies products that do exactly what they say on the tin and a company ethos that is extremely admirable.

Hands down my favourite product from Lush is this "BIG" shampoo that I'm forever recommending to people. It's definitely an essential item to have in your shower this summer. Easy to use, but slightly different to your regular squeeze bottle, this product is a salt scrub that you work into your hair and scalp until it lathers. Stacked with protein rich seaweed and coconut oil, this hair scrub keeps your locks healthy as well as gives it some volume. One of the main selling points for me is the fragrance... I'm a sucker for good smells... It is one of the most refreshing shampoos I've ever come across and I doubt you'll disagree. It always reminds me of a holiday, which isn't a bad way to start any day. 

Retailing for £12.25, its probably a little more than your used to spending on shampoo but it's well worth it, this product goes a long way allowing you to get more for your money. Try something new and get your hands on BIG here and explore a whole load of other stuff on the Lush website here

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