Miansai: The Perfect Summer Accessory

6.16.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

Hailing from Miami, Miansai was founded in 2008 by Michael Saiger with the intention of producing luxury hand crafted jewellery. Having solely produced bracelets at the start, Miansai now stocks retailers throughout the world with a variety of hand crafted accessories, watches and bags.

Jean by Asos  |  Belt by Ralph Lauren  |  Bracelet by Miansai

Victoria actually got me my first Miansai piece two summers ago (above), after commenting on how much I loved the anchor bracelets that they were producing she decided to go ahead and pick me up one for my birthday. I love attention to detail when it comes to the way companies present their products and Miansai have their delivery down to a tee. With clear inspiration from the coast, having been constructed from a thin sailing rope and an anchor clasp, I'm fully on board with their aesthetic.
Although their products may seem a little pricey, retailing between £50 and £135, I think they're a solid staple accessory to add to your collection. With a handful of different designs and styles over at Mr. Porter check out their offerings here

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