Harmony Korine Syndicates

7.15.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

I've been going on about my love for check board vans for ages now and have been toying with the idea of getting them for a while, I think they're a bit like marmite... some people love them and some people hate them. For me, they've always been a classic skate shoe. These ones from Sneakers n' Stuff that were released back in May were definitely a favourite of mine, unfortunately I never got round to picking a pair up.

Luckily, After speaking to Nic at Skate Pharmacy about how i wanted to get a pair, he surprised me with these Harmony Korine Vans Syndicate Pro "S". Slightly different to the normal all over check board vans and slightly more deluxe, built on the super comfy ultracush sole these syndicates feature an off-white suede toe cap and a custom designed canvas check-board upper. As always with Syndicates the details are on point and my favourite feature has to be the translucent waffle sole with Harmony Korine Artwork underneath, something I don't think I've seen before on Vans.

Not really a household name, Korine was made famous by writing the cult classic movie "Kids" in his teenage years after spending his youth skateboarding in Nashville. He has now moved on to fulfil a successful creative career and this Vans collaboration is a great demonstration of his art.

Check out the full line of Vans gear on the Skate Pharmacy website here and get your hands on a pair of the Harmony Korine Syndicates for sixty nine ninety nine here.

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