A present to myself

7.18.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

I've had an appreciation for cars since I was a kid, my Dad would take my brother and I to racing events like Goodwood from a young age and we were forever building our collection of model cars. We also had a whole spare bedroom in our childhood home dedicated to scalextric that was forever changing track, it's only now that I realise how cool that is... I wish I had a scalextric room in my new house.

Although my passion for cars may have taken a lull during my teenage years, when skateboarding was the the only important thing, I have now found in my mid twenties that my interest has been re-ignited. I now find myself reading a hell of a lot about new car releases, as well as looking through eBay dreaming about both classic and modern cars I wish I could afford.

If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen that a month or so ago I posted a couple of pictures of my new car. After a long time deliberating between predominantly German manufacturers, I finally settled on a Volkswagen Scirocco in this gun metal grey. To be honest I'm super happy I did, having experienced the refined excellence of VW's ergonomics previously I knew I was making a good decision. Plus it has surprisingly much more space than most of the other cars I was looking at, like the TT coupe which had me curled into a ball when I attempted to climb into the rear seats.

I didn't want to post about it straight away, I wasn't sure if I wanted to at all and I wanted to drive it for a while before really putting my thoughts about it on the blog. The final verdict is thankfully a good one and I couldn't be more pleased. Other than that I'll let the pictures do the flexing,

Check out the VW website here and check out the even newer range of sciroccos for yourselves.

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