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7.02.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

It's fairly common now days to see DIY T-shirt brands online now-a-days and it has now become pretty difficult to filter the good from the bad. With that said, there are still a handful of people that have a clear vision and are creating products with some real depth.

On the South East Coast of the UK, inspired by his local seaside town Margate, is the brainchild of 17 year old Art Student Harrison marshall called Hache Apparel. A brand that has been running for the last two years creating uniquely designed items influenced by life on the coast, all printed and packaged in Margate. 

Printed on American Apparel cotton and flawlessly packaged, the care and thought that has so clearly gone into putting these products together is completely unexpected of an independent label. Arriving in a large sealed metallic envelope or tin the t shirt is accompanied by some Hache paperwork welcoming you to the brand. Once you've purchased one item from their online shop you will be sent monthly post-cards updating you on the brands movements, which I think is a more thoughtful touch than an email you'll probably glance over once and delete. I'm in awe, the attention to detail that such a young brand has already grasped and seems to be consistently following through is amazing to see.

With so much promise and a nice range of uni-sex clothing, I think you'd be foolish not to check out Hache Apparel. Visit their online store here and be sure to follow the brand on social media to keep up with their progression.

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