Talika eye detox

6.30.2015 Kent (null)

I honestly think guys shy away from talking about stuff like this... or is it just me... I don't know, but after my good friend Jess from the Beauty Room gave me this Talika Eye Detox Specific roll-on for fair skin I got to thinking how much I use these things.

Nobody likes it when somebody tells them they look tired and although I've never found these things to completely cure the problem, they definitely help to make you feel more awake and less sleepy eyed throughout the day. Applying the gel to the skin around your eyes once in the morning and once at night is pretty simple and takes no time at all, so filtering it into your routine is pretty easy even for the laziest of people. With claims to combat blue and brown dark circles with the help of natural ingredients the Talika Eye Detox Specific definitely improves circulation around the eyes and left me feeling pretty fresh most mornings before work. Providing something that is slightly more advanced than your average eye roll on, give it a try and get your hands on this stick for just under £30 here. However, a lot of brands offer similar products and plenty of them offer male specific versions too. For just under ten pounds you could opt for this eye roll on from mens grooming brand Bull Dog that is well worth a try, available here from their website

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