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8.22.2015 Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent ME17 1PL, UK

Inspired by one of my Favourite bloggers, Matt from Buckets & Spades, I decided to share one of my favourite summer combinations and go to looks. Although it's nothing outrageous or spectacular, it's always nice to have a look that's suitable all day and for the majority of situations you're going to find yourself in.

Glasses by Ray Ban  |  Shirt by Reiss  |  T-shirt by Comme Des Garcon Shirt  |  Shorts by United Colors of Benneton
 Socks by Falke  |  Shoes by Common Projects 

I always think that theres only so much guys can do with shorts and a T-shirt, most of the time your outfit can end up looking really boring, that's why this light weight denim shirt from Reiss has been the ideal thing for me to chuck over a tee during the warmer months.  For me the right "over shirt" unbuttoned can be the perfect finishing touch when you decide to get your pins out, personally long sleeves are an essential when wearing shorts (unless you're on holiday by the beach).

  Shirt by Reiss  |  T-shirt by Comme Des Garcon Shirt  |  Shorts by United Colors of Benneton

 Socks by Falke  |  Shoes by Common Projects 

I probably rave about Common Projects way too much already, I think my white leather Achilles will continue to be my favourite trainer amongst my collection for some time. The minimalist design and soft leather construction make for perfect everyday footwear, providing effortlessly understated style and comfort. Although I've heard many people complain about their fairly high price tag, I certainly wouldn't mind forking out for another pair. Personally I think a pair of notable sneakers can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit and I'd always recommend decent footwear with shorts. 

I hope you guys are enjoying you're weekend as much as I am, the weather in the south of the UK is amazing! 

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