Come visit Margate this weekend

8.14.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

It's really sick when you get to see a good friend succeed doing something they love, especially in a field of work that is considered one of the toughest to make it in. Leandro has been making some considerable waves in the Art industry and has managed to secure a week long installation in his hometown Gallery, Margates Turner Contemporary.

Titled "A Newigton Story", the massive light-box has made a temporary home right outside the Galleries Entrance. Set to engage the public and evolve over time, Leandro has been changing the statements on the piece every hour of the day as well as offering workshops in the galleries entrance hall. The words on the structure aren't just random but in fact a reflection of the artists work with young people in a local community, with the aid of this installation and the surrounding work the objective for the project is to change perceptions of said community. Find out more about the project on the "A Newington Story" website here.

To get involved and see this project be sure to take a visit to the Turner Centre on Margates sea front this weekend or head over to the website, you've only got till the 17th of August to feast your eyes on it. Discover all the information you need to know right here.

Make sure you also check out Leandros Twitter here to see some updates of "A Newington Story" and check out his website here, be sure to check out all the other work he's put out.

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