Thankyou from your face

8.25.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

Since mens grooming has become more prevalent, there has been an uprising of male focused brands that aren't just offering out badly produced gimmicks. Accompanied by aesthetically pleasing and more male focused packaging ,most of the time, these brands are dropping some products that you should really be paying attention too.. Trust me, your face will thank you.

I know I've posted about Baxter before, but I fully ride with their overall brand image and can't help to throw them on here again. I was lucky enough to be gifted this "Skin 1.2.3" kit and have been test driving it for the past month or so. For starters the overall packaging is 100% on point and the products feel completely at home on my shelf of the bathroom cupboard or within my wash bag. Something I found really handy is the dispenser bottle, the fact that you can lock it makes it ideal for travelling with too. Secondly since I've been using them in sync with one another, my skin has actually been almost completely free from any blemishes. Although that could be a complete coincidence, I'd actually recommend this to anybody looking to change up their facial skin care tools.

Get hold of your own "Skin 1.2.3" kit here or head over to Mr. Porter and have a browse around their pretty stacked range of Baxter goods here. I'm always interested in hearing about new products, what do you guys use? 

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