life on the coast

8.04.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

I've lived by the sea for almost my whole life. Even when I went away to study for University I chose to move to Brighton to be close to the coast and after a very brief stint of internships or underpaid Jobs in London I actually found a more suitable lifestyle back home by the Sea. It's only now, when I travel round the country for work, that I realise how lucky I am by the beach in Margate

With that in mind I think my surroundings have most definitely shaped my tastes, I've always had a soft spot for nautical themed designs. This breton style Comme des Garcon long sleeve top and this Silver Anchor Miansai necklace are perfect examples of that. You might remember I posted about Miansai earlier this year (take a look here if you missed it), they offer such a good range of accessories and their goods seem to be becoming more readily available in the UK now (have a look on MR. Porter here). 

T-Shirt by Comme Des Garcon Play  |  Accessories by Miansai 

Denim by APC  |  Socks by Falke  |  Footwear by Vans 

A huge thanks to my brother & his girlfriend Polly for the white Vans too, they made an awesome birthday present and have acted as a perfect alternative to my Common Projects. I haven't owned a pair of Old Skools for a while now and truth be told I forgot how comfortable they are, they've been one of my go to trainers over the last week. 

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