Something for when it Rains

9.16.2015 Ramsgate, Kent, UK

I love outerwear, plain and simple... I also love functional clothing. Since regrettably selling my Norse Projects X Elka Jacket a couple of years ago, whilst compressing my wardrobe for moving house, I've had the urge to get my hands on some new rain wear.

Thankfully Denmark has the fix in the form of RAINS, a company hailing from Copenhagen that supplies a new interpretation of traditional outerwear. Coming from a nation that experiences 121 days of rain every year, the creators continue to develop practical products and maintain their mission of "inspiring people to explore positive outdoor moments in everyday life". In typical scandinavian style, RAINS provide clean cut and functional gear that also has a clear focus on style.

I went for this four pocket water proof jacket that's proving to be ideal for so many situations. Constructed from a smooth lightweight fabric, the Four pocket jacket is inspired by classic M-65 Jackets and maintains the minimalistic design that the brand uses throughout their product range. 
If you're not ready for the wet weather, you need to look no further than the gear from RAINS. Head over to the RAINS website here to get a better insight into the brand and be sure to glance at THE LAB page to see their continuously developing collaborations with big names like Street Etiquette and Stussy. With a healthy selection outerwear and bags for both genders you can't make any mistakes with these scandinavian goods this Autumn. 

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