9.06.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

Where's summer gone?!?... If you live in the UK you might be able to sympathise with me on that one, it's already september and its definitely got colder over this past week. That means Autumn will be upon us before you know it and the long evenings will start to disappear. I suppose it's not all bad though, Autumn's presence on the calendar means that outerwear is back on the shopping list and I've already managed to come across something that I'm completely chuffed with.

Having loved Peggs & Sons when I lived in Brighton a few years ago I'm forever returning to their online store to have a browse. They honestly have one of the most refined and interesting selections of menswear brands out there, take a look at their website here if you're not familiar with them already. My latest visit to their web shop ended up with me checking out with this incredibly plush Nanamica Varsity Jacket, an item thats been on my radar for some time. In typical Nanamica fashion this jackets build and its detailing are a testament to their use of good materials. Formed from 63/35 Bayhead Cloth, accompanied by white leather accents, this jackets lightweight construction and water resistance is going to be ideal for me to throw on as the colder days set in. 

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