Studio Visit: Getting familiar with Crowther/Plant

10.21.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

This is probably one of my favourite projects to date, I spent my time over the last week or so learning about a new brand that's just about to drop one of the most interesting menswear lines I've seen in a long time. What makes it even better is they're based minutes from my house!

Crowther/Plant is the brainchild of Cat Crowther and Emrys Plant, two individuals with a pretty impressive history in the fashion world who have put their heads together to create something great. I was lucky enough to be invited to their Margate based studio, housed in the popular Artist retreat and work space Resort, to discover more about their take on luxury menswear and capture some visuals to share with you.

Having briefly browsed their website and glanced over their lookbook, I was excited to learn about this local brand that had a strong focus on producing indigo dyed gear. On arrival I was greeted by Emrys at the studio space, who welcomed me with open arms. His passion for his new venture was obvious from first impressions and his eagerness to produce organic sustainable products for style savvy guys (like himself) was clear.

With a sports luxe theme running through their collection, it was refreshing to see so many interesting fits... Just take a look at their website to explore the lookbook for yourself, I'm desperate to get my hands on the hoodie and sweats combination... What I like even more is the fact that these guys are cutting the patterns and vigorously searching for the right fabrics themselves to bring their customer the finished product exactly as it was meant to be. On my visit Emrys showed me handfuls of samples that "just weren't quite right", whether it was a stitching detail, wonky labels or unworkable fabrics, proving these guys have been doing their ground work for some time to get exactly what they wanted.

I haven't even touched on the indigo and salt water treatments yet...

...Having previously worked in an indigo dying house previously Cat Crowther bought her knowledge to the table and the pair decided to make the process a huge feature of their brand. Hand dying a selection of their garments in indigo (I'd witnessed indigo dying on youtube before whilst watching "behind the brand" on Mr Porter with Visvim) they're really putting in the effort to produce interesting products. The process is time consuming, messy unpredictable and involved, but its natural effect allows each piece to be unique and provides a ton character.

What's more, being based in Margate on the coast, the pair wanted to reflect their surroundings in the products they were creating. Literally throwing their wears into the sea was the answer to this. A pretty novel but great idea that leaves the garments with a distressed look that can't be achieved any other way. This technique is inspired and just adds to the depth of this brands products and makes Crowther/Plant a little more unique.

With the imminent release of their first offering, I'm excited to see the reaction to this brand. Another great thing developing in Margate that is worth knowing about! Discover more about Crowther/Plant here and stay tuned to their social media channels for the imminent release.

Thanks for reading, till next time James. 
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