Battling the wind with FARAH.

10.14.2015 Margate, Kent, UK

I've been itching to pick myself up a camel overcoat the last few weeks, so when I was given the opportunity to select an item of clothing from the FARAH website I headed straight to the outerwear section and bagged this Wool one... I'm seriously glad I did too, the winter weather is becoming more of a reality than ever down here on the south. Victoria and I decided to spend an afternoon battling the wind on the coast when this new coat proved its worth.  

I've always been aware of FARAH, their presence in most Urban Outfitters store is always apparent, and I've read stuff on Buckets & Spades that Matt has written about them before now... actually I've even worked with them whilst writing and taking photos for Tea & Biscuits... However, I've never actually owned any of their gear before now and looking at this piece I'm asking myself "why not?". This over coat screams quality way higher than I expected of FARAH and in all honesty has completely changed my perception of the brand. When it comes to outerwear, I'm always a little fearful of getting lost in massive heap of material, but the tailored fit on this particular coat is seemingly ideal. I'm also enjoying its versatility and the attention to detail, like the gold "F" pin on the lapel, make the end product that little bit sweeter. 

Turn your eyes to the FARAH website here to discover more about the brand as well as take advantage of their offers or their generous student discount. I'm definitely paying more attention to their wears from now on and they've got all sorts of stuff going on their blog tooWhat's your thoughts on FARAH? Have I been missing out? As for me I'm away as of next wednesday and I'm in need of some new hand luggage, any tips? 

Thanks for reading, till next time James. 
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