Exploring Florida pt. Two

11.04.2015 Florida, USA

When you go away for eighteen days you think that your holiday will last for ever... It's undoubtably a long time... but on this trip the time has completely flown by. We've experienced our second American Halloween, which was as over the top as can be expected but an amazing way to spend it nonetheless. We've also witnessed one of the most intense festive light displays ever at Disney's Hollywood Studios. As soon as the first of November hit the Calendars it is officially Christmas time out here in the States and  although it is early November and the temperature has been reaching 32 Celcius, it really did encourage that December feeling.

In a few days we'll be waving goodbye to the theme parks and the rest of the Sunshine State, I'm going to miss the extended summer we've managed to bag ourselves. However I'm also quite excited for the British winter too, I've also got some interesting projects lined up for when I arrive home so keep your eye on the blog and for now enjoy the visuals once again. 

Thanks for reading, till next time James. 
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