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3.28.2016 Margate, Kent, UK

This month has flown by, as usual! However I'm also enjoying putting together these "favourites" every four weeks or so, they're a great way to reflect on what I've really liked. 

menswear style and skateboarding favourites from blogger James Brown

menswear and style blogger James Brown monthly favourites

menswear swim short brand bowler & beach blog post

First things first, is this Over Head Parka that I've just picked up from ASOS. It's actually their own brand, which I've had mixed feelings about before but this jacket seems to be really well put together.

Next is this Skandinavisk "KOTO" candle that I picked up in Stockholm that smells amazing and also looks pretty good in the house.

As it's easter, I've been consuming a ton of chocolate all weekend and I'm probably going to spend the rest of the week in a sugar coma.

I needed a new skateboard, so grabbed this new Yardsale piece from Skate Pharmacy.

Along with the new board I had to also get some other skateboard bits, so I picked up a set of fast wheels. Wearing new skate stuff in is always fun, so I'm really looking forward to going to the skatepark soon.

My friend Harrison has put some really nice products on his new site for H'apparel, including some awesome prints. They're also available in Plinth Margate if you're interested.

Lastly, I booked a holiday to Croatia for June with a bunch of my friends. Luckily Bowler & Beach hit me up and also hooked me up with this pair of swim shorts from their new range "the Animals". They'll be available online here from Tuesday 28th March for you to pick up for yourselves.

Thanks for reading, James. 
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