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3.08.2016 Margate, Kent, UK

I'm no big shot, but in the last year I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that reach out to me with something I can feature on the blog. When it comes down to it, theres things that wouldn't work on here and other stuff that really captures my interest. 

When I opened an email from ex-margate resident Ollie Aplin, he introduced me to his idea called "The Mind Journal" and I was immediately transfixed. The powerful yet simple Journal is designed for the modern man, encouraging writing as a way to navigate through the challenges of day-to-day life. 

menswear and lifestyle blogger getyourbronon looks at the mind journal

lifestyle blog about menswear and travel looks at the mind journal product

Getyourbron on supports the kickstarter campaign The Mind Journal

Menswear blogger James Brown from getyourbronon looks at the mind journal from Brighton

Having personally had (probably like hundreds of people out there) been through low times and battled with feelings of anxiety a few years ago, I turned to writing things down as a process of rationalising my thoughts. This is why I completely back Ollie's idea and will be getting my hands on one of his Mind Journals as soon as I can. 

Not only is the idea coming from a good place, the overall design of the product has been completely considered. With even the small details taken care of, like how the book opens flat and is banded to protect the private stuff inside, Ollie has really catered for his audience by creating a product that is high quality and usable... He has also nailed the brand aesthetic, take a look at the journals website yourself here to discover it for yourself and learn all about the story behind it. 

All good things like this have to start somewhere and although Ollie is already making waves on Kickstarter, a project that highlights something as important as mental health definitely needs your support! Make your contribution here. 

Also if you make a good donation, you could be writing in your own Mind Journal before you know it. Thanks for reading, James. 
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