013.// Heading into Spring with Alpha Industries.

4.17.2016 Margate, Kent, UK

When I got my hands on my Khaki Norse Projects Bomber a year ago I instantly discovered an appreciation for that style of jacket. With the opportunity to pick up some Alpha Industries gear, I jumped at the chance to grab one of their classic MA1 Bombers... and you can never go wrong with Navy right?... 

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With Spring well and truly here, this light weight slim fit Nylon shell is the perfect piece of outerwear for the season and should undoubtably stand the test of time. Entertaining a reasonable price tag I was actually really impressed by the quality that Alpha Industries have to offer, I suppose I shouldn't of expected much less from a brand that supplies the U.S Military. It's also topped of with a classic orange lining and the brands unique "remove before flight" tag, something I'm not sure I'll be leaving on..?

Thanks for reading, James. 
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