014.//A Visit to Solarium Point.

4.24.2016 Ramsgate, Kent, UK

Getting my hair done locally is something I've struggled with for quite some time, finding a place to go with a stylist who actually understands what I wanted and has good ideas was proving to be fairly difficult. I think I'm also right in thinking a lot of guys want to enjoy the whole hair cutting experience. There's something nice about going somewhere that plays good music and serves a decent cup of coffee whilst having a trim. For me the run of the mill high street barber shop just doesn't cut it, I don't want getting my haircut to feel like a chore or to be rushed for that matter. In the past I've often made the commute to London to experience the likes of Ruffians and Ted's Grooming Room to get that same experience before now!.. That's until Anna from Solarium Point hit me up and invited me down to check out her shop in Ramsgate, Kent. 

Making it's home amongst an incredibly well designed store interior (Created by shop owners/architects Anna & Bernie), Solarium Point is somewhere that bridges the boundaries between salon and barber shop. With both an aesthetic and treatment list that appeals to guys and girls, they've certainly filled a gap in the market and are accomplishing their goal of creating an environment for their customers to enjoy. I've certainly found somewhere I can trust to go and get my mop seen too when it gets out of control, I'll definitely go back to check in with their stylist Baiba soon! 

Even if your not in the market for a hair cut or anything else they've got on offer go and take a look at their TUMBLR worthy interior here... 

Where do you guys get your hair cut? Thanks for reading, James 
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