012.// The Beach Houses.

4.10.2016 Margate, Kent, UK

I'm forever writing about Margate and my local area on the blog, but theres always new & interesting things happening that I just can't ignore... These newly built Beach Houses (click here to find out more) are the latest addition to the towns Architecture. Boasting amazing views and a sandy beach as a back garden, I had to go take a look at them for myself... Now if anyone fancies lending me the £485,000 to buy one of these stylish two bedroom beach huts, feel free! 

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Once again the seafront leant itself to being a great backdrop to a few photos, so we managed to snap some content whilst we were there. I think it was this article on Jordan Bunkers Blog that made me feel a bit better about jumping into the lighter outerwear and putting away the chunky overcoats. I've completely fallen for this H&M over shirt jacket that I picked up a month or so ago, although I've not shopped there in a few years, I really cant fault the fit and price point.

Thanks for reading, James. 
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