17.// Made for Marathons.

5.22.2016 Margate, Kent, UK

I missed the last run of the Mayfly woven a few years ago and always kicked myself a little for not getting a pair, they're an ideal trainer to have in the spring/summer line up in my opinion... I also wanted to get a new pair of shoes for exercising and I guess these featherweight sneakers can be my gym shoes as well as daily beaters...

Modifying the look of the original Mayfly sneakers, Nike took to the drawing board to demonstrate a super clean woven design and cleverly utilised a more luxe construction with the suede upper. Overall they're a great deal more comfortable than I expected, with the Phylon midsole making for a seriously cosy feel. Having been originally constructed and made for marathons, I'm hoping they'll last me a little longer than 26.2 miles. They're also, suprisingly, still available on a few websites... so click here or here to pick up a pair for yourself.

What do you guys think of the Mayfly Woven? Thanks for reading, James 
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