21.// Dubrovnik Twenty Sixteen.

7.06.2016 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last Thursday I easyjetted my way off to Dubrovnik with Victoria and 8 of my friends for 6 days. We filled up our trip in the sea, island hopping, driving up mountains, city touring, exploring abandonned buildings, eating too much, drinking copious amounts and popping inflatables in our villas swimming pool... Seriously, Croatia was incredible... The decent company and perfect weather helped a great deal, but Dubrovnik was an amazing place to visit. I've returned to the more gloomy UK with a severe case of holiday blues and the urge to go back to do the handful of things we missed out on...

I've also wanted to return to making videos for a while and saw this trip as the perfect opportunity to polish up my editing abilities. So as well as a handful of travel snaps that will be making their way onto the blog in the near future, feast your eyes on this video and let me know what you think... 

Thanks for reading, James.
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