22.// An open letter to ASOS.

7.10.2016 Margate, UK

Please make more of these joggers, they're fully fledged lit! That's all, Bye... Seriously, I'm not a massive fan of fast or disposable fashion but occasionally the likes of ASOS and the ZARA's of the world come up trumps... I got these joggers quite some time ago and have been using them sparingly in fear of wearing them out and I also iced them a little because I knew they'd be perfect for Spring/Summer. On my recent trip to Croatia they made for the perfect travel companion, encouraging me to flip my screen and get on the keyboard, now I need another couple of pairs to live out my life in.

I also picked up this Maison Kitsune Tee from Men Look before I jetted off too. I've been pining after it for quite some time now and it was everything I wanted it to be, full on cosy... I've had a couple of items from Kitsune before and have developed a real soft spot for the French brand in recent months... The fit and quality of their products is proving ideal! You also can't beat a fresh pair of Ray Bans (C/O Victoria) and some clean Purcells on foot... Don't forget the trusty Falke invisible socks too. 

What are you guys travelling in? Thanks for reading, James.
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