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7.18.2016 Margate, UK

I haven't written about "grooming" products for a while and thought it was about time I shared my current rotation on here. In all honesty I'm usually a tad over enthusiastic when it comes to buying skin care products, however in recent months I've tried to commit to one and use it till it's empty. My latest is from the body shop... that's right the body shop... I really didn't think much of this store until I tried the oils of life a while ago. Now my view of the brand has completely flipped and this seaweed collection has ended up proving perfect for the summer months. The matifying moisturiser even has SPF 15 in it too, that means you most likely won't have to worry about sun cream if you're caught out by the rays. No more red noses... It also sits at an incredibly reasonable price. 


I also found it quite hard to pin down some good hair styling products until I landed on these Bumble and Bumble ones C/O Anna at Solarium point. It's like I've found the frickin' holy grail for my bouffant... Well done bumble and bumble... Seriously I recommend this stuff highly and once again sits at a fairly reasonable price point.

What products are you guys using? Thanks for reading, James.
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