25.// Indigo Dyeing With CROWTHER/PLANT.

8.12.2016 Margate, UK

Sorry for the delay in posts, my consistency was alright until recently. I'm trying to get back on top of things, having had heaps of projects to do for both my nine to five and freelance work... Solid excuse right?...
A few weeks ago I was able to go and shoot some visuals whilst the people behind the label CROWTHER/PLANT were working on the indigo dyeing process that a selection of their garments go through... If you haven't heard of CROWTHER/PLANT before, take a look at the posts I've done previously with them right here, here & here, as well as heading over to their webstore after you've wasted some time on this blog. 

Indigo is something we often associate with Jeans nowadays, in a lot of cases with modern denim it's synthetic, but in the case of CROWTHER/PLANT they've applied the artisanal process of natural dyeing to a selection of their ready to wear garments.
Making its home in a quiet corner of a community allotment in Margate, Cat and Emrys (the brains behind the business) have created an outdoor indigo dyeing studio where their garments are dipped into giant vats of blue. Being an organic process, it only feels right that these guys use Indigo dyeing for their brand. Their whole ethos is about being sustainable, organic and generally good for the world which is pretty admirable in this day and age. The look of the garments after being dyed is amazing too, the pieces age in a certain way which is unique to every single one. The depth of the colour can be changed by the amount of dips and exposure to sunlight, so you can get amazing variations of finish... I've personally owned a couple of indigo pieces from the brand for a few months now and I can't explain how good the look of indigo is... Take a look at the whole range of Indigo products on the CROWTHER/PLANT webstore for yourselves and check out this short clip I shot whilst I was there too...

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