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8.18.2016 Margate, UK

I've been looking for a denim Jacket for frickin' ages. I've had thoughts of hitting some vintage shops to discover a musty old Levis gem amongst a load of junk. However as much I still want to do that, unashamedly this one comes from the content marketing team that represent New Look Menswear. They're angling to promote #ThisisNewLook by sending me a bunch of freebies and they've probably done that to a handful of other bloggers too.

Although I don't mind getting free shit, go ahead and send me what you like, but you can't expect somebody who needs to fund a fully fledged common projects addiction (as well as the normal crap like cars and mortgages) to create well structured content for nothing. I'm not saying I'm a big shot who needs the dollar signs to stay motivated... I'm pretty aware I'm far from it... it just amuses me that someone would genuinely think that "just clothes" are a valid form of payment in this day and age, especially when it's inevitable that theres a good budget.
When it comes to my blog and menswear, I try to keep it pretty genuine and write about stuff I like as well as offer honest opinions on it. I still buy 90 percent of the clothes that I feature on here, partly down to my taste being in the more high end bracket. So as far as the new look menswear selection goes, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how it all fitted. On top of that the general quality to price point seemed ridiculously cheap. The high street brand definitely offers another platform to supply affordable basics, so go check it out if you don't want to spend a big chunk of cash and to keep things above board go look at their  #ThisisNewLook page for the opportunity to win £200.
With regards to creating content for free clothes, theres nothing groundbreaking here just a couple of pictures and a a handful of sentences.
Thanks for reading, James.
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