24.// Exploring Abandonned hotels in Croatia.

8.02.2016 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Something a little different today... When I started my original blogger page years and years ago, I used to do posts featuring some ropey photos that I'd shot on whatever cameras I had at the time. Whilst in Croatia last month (go feast your eyes on the moving picture if you haven't seen it) a couple of us discovered some abandoned hotels just off a beach we visited. Remains from the Croatian War of Independence, something I was really unaware of before heading to Dubrovnik.
Whilst being completely mesmerised by the contrasting apocalyptic and paradisiacal scenery, it gave me major throw backs to being a kid and exploring abandoned warehouses to build skateparks in. It also made me feel like starting an "urban exploring" Instagram account and making a habit of this... Forget menswear and all that rubbish... 

Joking... I'm not going to make a habit of "urban exploring", but I actually still look at a ton of accounts that do that. What's Instagram accounts do you guys follow? I'm in the market for some interesting visuals... Throw any themes at me.  

Thanks for reading, James
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