28.// Through my lens at Goodwood Revival 2016.

9.20.2016 Goodwood Revival (SE Bound), Chichester PO18, UK

I wanted to do this post the Sunday after Goodwood, however I ended up getting snowed under with both my regular job and other free lance social media gigs ... now it feels a little odd writing about an overcast day in Chichester whilst I'm sat poolside at a Spa in Halkidiki, Greece. 

Despite my current situation being pretty spot on, bottomless cocktails and that, The Revival at Goodwood was pretty unforgettable and well worth getting up at 4.30-In the morning for. I've been wanting to of to visit the event for ages now, so when I got the opportunity to have access to the members enclosure and picnic track side it was pretty irresistible to pass on. We even got to make the two and a half hour journey all the way from Margate In the back of a stunning green 3.4 litre Jaguar Mark One, which ended up being comfier than expected and there was something pretty fire about turning up involved in a huge convoy of Classic cars.

I'm not really a vintage guy, sure I'd love to grab an incredible vintage flight jacket and items like worn in levis denim jackets are always interesting to pick up, but there's something about this classic car fest that made ​me find a new appreciation for vintage shit. I'm not going to suddenly turn into a dude that lives for beyond retro shopping trips and starts wearing his grandparents gear. It was just really inspiring seeing all the stuff ... cars, clothes, furniture ... all together in one venue. 

To my surprise they even had stalls from contemporary menswear brands like Private White V.C, which I've learnt is actually an amazing company that I'm going to have to invest in, and Harry Steadman, a brand that I heard previously about via Mat over on the Buckets blog.

The effort of the crowds was also something pretty amazing, I'd like to say that probably 95% of the people who attended the Revival went in retro attire ... the get ups from some characters were pretty incredible ... I myself took to wearing a tweed suit, my late grandpa's cravat that was left to me and some pretty sweet new Dune chelsea boots (check out my look on Instagram here). 

I'm literally itching to go back next year, my only issue with the whole event is that it makes me want to sell all my valuables and sink all that cash into a classic car ... One can only dream, right ?! Seriously though, look up going in 2017 if you're in the UK, its a spectacle worth witnessing even if cars are not really your bag. 

Now I can crack on to pintresting hashtag inspo for next years wears! Thanks for reading, James
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