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10.24.2016 Margate, UK

Until a couple of years ago I was never someone to stray far away from jeans... I've always liked denim and still do... I could wax lyrical about how denim ages and becomes unique over time, but you already know that... However over the last couple of months I've been on the hunt for a decent sweatshirt and sweat pant co-ord to add to my arsenal. Something that would be suitable to wear out of the house on a lazy sunday and not just a set pulled of the shelf at my local JD.

That's where the guys over at CROWTHER/PLANT stepped in. Their design led approach to "sports-luxe" has hit the nail on the head. A tracksuit made in England with a more tailored approach and some incredible stitch details.. This particular one is actually indigo dyed too, that makes it extra sweet right?... It's also comfortable as hell, so you'll probably catch me jumping into this when I get home from work in the evenings.
I paired it with my AMI runners, which I've been wearing to death recently on a part of them being incredibly hard wearing. They also make this whole fit even more comfortable, so I'm fully championing that "c0zy Boi" aesthetic.

If you haven't already seen  previous posts about CROWTHER/PLANT then definitely take a look back at when I first met them here and see how they use the indigo dying process here. 

Thanks for Reading, James.
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