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11.02.2016 Margate, UK

It's now November... that means that two thousand and seventeen is rapidly approaching... this year has, naturally, flown by and as the end of it comes closer I'm on a mission to refresh my wardrobe. I'm currently displaying a ton of my wears on eBay in a bid to build up the finances to almost start a all over again.

Although I'm in a lucky position to have the money to go out and buy new clothes when I want to... I say lucky, my everyday job has a chocka work schedule that see's me doing 4am - 5pm days 80% of the week to earn that privilege... My purchases have been incredibly impulsive and un-thought out over the past year to be completely frank. I know there's plenty of people who are in the same boat as me and end up with a ton of nonsensical items kicking around their wardrobe. I always buy stuff I love, but on occasion those things just don't quite fit with my lifestyle and end up on the hanger or in their box gathering dust.

My aim with all this is to develop a more capsule and utilitarian wardrobe, one that will be ten times more cohesive and where each item makes sense with one another. Amongst the handful of things I'm actually taking with me into the future are some solid basics like this COS wool sweater that is spot on and these super simple navy trousers. I also want to keep these Nike SB X 917 Blazer low GT's... mouthful... so I can use them for skateboarding and wear them into the ground. That's the utilitarian box ticked, so it's a good start.

With all that said, I'm soon going to be on the hunt for basics. Feel free to send through your recommendations via the comments or social media! Thanks for Reading, James.
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