1.22.2017 Dungeness, Romney Marsh TN29, UK

I’ve wanted to work with my friend Ollie Marshall for ages now. He’s created some solid work in the past and his tendency to use a Hasselblad makes for some great visuals. Seventeen year old me would have loved to get his hands on that camera and I suppose I still maintain a sort of teenage romance with film photography. With that in mind, when I was asked shoot some images in conjunction with Ford, Ollie was the first person I hit up. He and I spent the day in Dungeness shooting and it was one of the most surreal places I’ve ever been. Honestly worth the visit to experience its eerie apocalypse feel and witness the grand design-esq beach houses.


Ford’s press team sent me a series of fairly nonsensical emails, with the intention of promoting their new Ford KA+... A real downgrade from my Scirocco I know… The idea was to create four affordable outfits to feature in a blog post about the car. The amusing part of it all was that the budget for each one was £50. If I'm being completely honest, I don’t think the person who reached out to me had read my previous posts or really understood my style.

Despite that, and faced with the chance of some free mileage and fuel, I decided to seize the opportunity to shoot with Ollie. I personalised the brief a little and utilised the budget for a handful of pieces that I thought reflected the ideology of getting value for money. This is how I discovered that brands like Weekday and Selected Homme are creating some fairly decent menswear, at a really palatable price. Run through the links under my pictures to have a look for yourself.

Photo's captured by Ollie Marshall
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