Twenty Seventeen.

1.18.2017 Margate, UK

Blogging, for me, has changed. Last year, I really thought I knew where I was at. To be completely honest, looking back, a lot of stuff I put out on the internet makes me cringe to the nth degree. However I started “taking things a little more seriously” last January, with a little effort it was completely overwhelming how many brands were willing to send me stuff and invite me to events… the stuff I thought I wanted out of the whole experience was fairly easy to achieve and was no where near as good as I expected… Reflecting on all of that in 2017, I’m actually not that proud of much of the content I created over the previous 12 months.

Seriously, this article I wrote about Creating content for free was probably one of the only things I actually liked. I enjoyed writing it and the reaction that it got as well. Most of the other stuff was pretty dead if I’m completely honest, but thanks to those of you who actually took a look anyway.

I started publishing stuff on the internet many years ago, un-intentional content that usually had a pretty good message behind it (my old youtube channel still hosts plenty). Creations that came out of using my collection of cameras and documenting my actual life, not some fabricated, meaningless, outfit post… Although I’m not going stop covering my fits, when I do it’s got to hold some depth...

Having dug through old hard drives of pictures and videos, I now feel pretty inspired to work toward some better goals this year, rather than pushing to get out heaps of blog posts out every week. So stay irregularly tuned and keep on top of my instagram for a more honest representation of my life in twenty seventeen. For now enjoy some stills that I captured many moons ago on a selection of 35mm cameras.

I’m also moving into a new home imminently, when my solicitors pull their finger out, so expect a nice slow start too.

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