Test Shots: Elliot Smith.

2.12.2017 Margate, UK

Friends are probably my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to menswear and, as shallow as it sounds, I've managed to build friendships on a basis of Fashion. In an attempt to try something new, I want to use the blog to not only document my own style but that of the people around me.

Starting with my good friend Elliot, I decided to shoot a couple of outfits to get a snapshot of his style right now. Having grown up skateboarding with one another, he and I developed a sneaker addiction from a young age that flourished nicely into a clothing one a few years later. Although our styles vary slightly, our core interest in a decent fit and quality goods is something we can both appreciate. He also know's how to find the best deals online and has a pretty fire depop page too. 

Go follow his IG for more outfits and stay tuned for the next test shots feature. James 

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