Exploring Iceland.

2.17.2017 Reykjavík, Iceland

Those of you who follow my Instagram would have seen that Victoria and I spent a few days in Iceland at the end of January. Despite the trip being slightly ill timed, we completed on our house and moved two days after we returned, it was one of the most amazing holidays I've been on recently. I've honestly never been anywhere that made me want to pull the car over to take a picture so frequently. 

Whilst out there I set myself a challenge to shoot a video. Creating that sort of content has been something I wanted to get back into for ages now. I used to love shooting short films and it really was one of the main reasons why I first created a space for hosting visuals online. Give it a watch below, hit subscribe and all that corny spiel because my focus for the year is definitely creating better content.

Thanks for reading and watching, James. 

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